Ghost Mannequin / Neck joint Service

Usually photographer can’t shoot a full view of the garments; generally photographers capture shots of Front part & back part & our expert team show the whole view using Photoshop by joining the neck part & making a ghost part joint with the color of garments. When the editing is over then the products look as natural that nobody will realize that the ghost part is made by somebody. If you have a look at our gallery picture you will understand intensely.
Clipping Path Service Providers have an expert team for this service. We are working with various buying houses, online shopping mall, garments factory and textile of all over the world. We cover a large volume of capacity to perform ghost mannequin service for our large client.

  • Before-neck 1
    After-neck 1
    Beforeneck 1After
  • Before-neck 2
    After-neck 2
    Beforeneck 2After
  • Before-neck 3
    After-neck 3
    Beforeneck 3After
  • Before-neck 4
    After-neck 4
    Beforeneck 4After

Ghost Mannequin Service is the other name of this service. In this case there need to erase the Ghost from the inside of garments. If you hold both front part & the ghost part than it is easy to combine these two characters to make an original garment using neck joint technology. If there has no photo-snap of the neck part in this case our expert team will make the neck-part using their creativity.

If you desire to outsource your this service you should consider some things to take a neck joint service provider. Working Turnaround is the most significant matter. Working Turnaround will raise the amount of profit in a second, an hour, a day, a week, a month or in a year. And then try to find out a neck joint service provider who is efficient & who will capable to deliver your finished you’re done images within shortest possible time & help to develop your business in so fastest. Clipping Path Service Providers is a standard neck joint service provider company & we have expert team who performs their jobs using digital & analog methods to give outstanding quality. You can judge quality & turnaround to send us some free Trial images