Image Manipulation Service

Photo manipulation is a skill where usual photos are altered into something attractive, unexpected and completely out of the box. It is frequently performed by designers to provide their creativity or for experimental uses. GIMP and Photoshop are the most common software used for these projects. Photo manipulations can be made in several ways. Each manipulated photo artwork is unparalleled and they speak the personality and flair of their architect. Today, we’d like to present you a sequence of manipulating human-pictures, perhaps the best of what we’ve experienced thus far.

  • Before-manipu 1
    After-manipu 1
    Beforemanipu 1After
  • Before-manipu 2
    After-manipu 2
    Beforemanipu 2After
  • Before-manipu 3
    After-manipu 3
    Beforemanipu 3After
  • Before-manipu 4
    After-manipu 4
    Beforemanipu 4After
  • Before-manipu 5
    After-manipu 5
    Beforemanipu 5After
  • Before-manipu 6
    After-manipu 6
    Beforemanipu 6After

Photo manipulation is an ever evolving collaboration among graphic design and photography. Combining certain elements to make a unique picture, that can convince even the most skilled set of eyes, requires a very creative set of skills. As the manipulation of a photo gives a realistic outlook of an unreal image, you should have an open mind when collecting ideas on how to get creative with your pictures. Photo manipulations are a great source for motivation, normally as designers are able to reveal their creativity through several perspectives of design. A few of the following images contain illustrative components while others display a more realistic way.