Professional Image Masking

Sometimes an object must be separated from the background and is a tough one because it involves thin edges like flying hair. You can do it using Photoshop layer mask. Photoshop Layer Mask is one of the most important thing in Photoshop. Without erasing a single pixel Photoshop masking can do all editing, this method gives you flexibility in what you want to show, and what you want to hide in a picture. Any time you can transform the picture because layer mask is a modification layer. Layer mask is next to the main layer that is either white/black. Where white means the editor is masked and black refers to the editor is not masked. Photoshop Layer masks will allow you to edit selective parts of your image instead

  • Before-masking 1
    After-masking 1
    Beforemasking 1After
  • Before-masking 2
    After-masking 2
    Beforemasking 2After
  • Before-masking 3
    After-masking 3
    Beforemasking 3After
  • Before-masking 4
    After-masking 4
    Beforemasking 4After

No company can give you better results like we do at the Clipping Path Service Providers. We have a team of skilled staff consisting of specialist who can isolate key sections of your image and use Photoshop masking techniques to mask objects such as grass, hair, and smoke. We can deliver your work as soon as you want. We assure you 100% work satisfaction. At the side of, we provide you 24X7 client supports to answer your queries and inquiries.

At Clipping path service providers we have a team who handle a diversity of picture processing services for example Image masking, Photo retouch, Image manipulation, Clipping path, Photo enhancement, Image shadow creation, mirror effect and Raster to vector image. Although masking an image is one of the majority lengthened job, our team is highly qualified and they can work very quickly with maintaining the quality.

When need Image masking services?

Image Masking Service is usually used for creating product catalogs, print, advertising, a web page or just elegant paintings. Image Masking is used with Cutting Direction technique to knockout at the background of  a complicated image to be placed in marketing display in e-commerce web page or image manipulation. Photoshop Masking is further effective when clipping path alone is not appropriate on hair, fur, or semitransparent or clean photos like grass, smoke, fire, features, chiffon &lighting etc.

Why image Masking is our special service?

  • We create this by an expert team
  • All the designers are very experienced
  • They create image masking professionally
  • We also provide the vector mask, Alpha channel mask, Layer Mask.
  • We offer the most cost-effective pricing and package rates
  • We offer our services in the time limit. Usefulness of Layer Mask.

Effectiveness of Part Mask

  • Hide or show special areas of the image.
  • Modify and completely restore the pictures in future.
  • Saving time to mask an image.
  • Gives much better and well-described image.